KHS Building Program

2022 saw the beginning of a major building upgrade



The latest phase of the KHS Building Program saw new spaces being created in a 2-storey block for Science, Food Technology and Art.

The project was completed in December 2023.

‘Ngurrak’ (pronounced noorak) is one of the Taungurung words for mountain.


External View

From this…

To this! With very new grass.

Plans Of The New Building

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Ground Floor Plan
Featuring the Food Tech rooms, Science rooms,
and 3 GPCs no less!

First Floor Plan
Art & Science
… and we love our General Purpose Classrooms

The Historical Administration Building is also being refurbished.

Raven's-eye views of the building works in 2022 and 2023

March 2022 : Goodbye old Foods rooms! May 2022 : Preparing the ground for Ngurrak
July 2023 :The big concrete pour August 2023 : Demolishing the Arts block