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KHS Newsletter : 18 March 2022

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18th March 2022

Year 7 camp - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

On Wednesday the 9th of March the year 7’s went off the ADANAC in the Yarra Junction for camp! Students enjoyed three days of fun activities, which included Canoeing, Water slides, Archery, Hut building, Low ropes, Flying fox, Tread walls, Camp cooking, and Disc golf. The year 7’s loved getting to know one another better, with lots of new friends being made. Students relaxed in front of the campfire one night, after a small bush walk at night. On the second night students sat back and watched a movie in the theatre room. 

Listen to some awesome reviews from some of the year 7 students themselves!

This year, the year 7 camp was one that no one is ever going to forget! We did archery, rope climbing, canoeing and more! The activity the majority of people enjoyed was probably the water trampoline. We did flips and all sorts of things off it. For the meals we had a wide range of food that included spaghetti bolognaise, toast, and chicken wraps. We slept in cabins with bunk beds, bedside tables, our own bathroom, and a storage spot for all our bags. The bus ride there took roughly three hours which gave us time to chat and get all amped up about camp. We stayed there for 2 nights. We wish we could have stayed longer but we had to get back home for the long weekend. It was still SUPER fun though.
– Ella F

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Year 7 camp was a camp that I think was everyone’s favourite camp. There were so many fun things at camp such as, flying fox, Damper, water slide, canoeing, archery, water trampoline.  We cooked Damper on a fire and we rapped them in foil and put them on a stick or you just put them in a fire. When  you went down the water slide  someone recorded your speed. My favourite  activity was the zipline  cause we went over a creek which was really fun to look at. I wish we got to stay longer. My favourite meal was Bolognese. I wish I could go again and I am sure everyone would like to go again.
– Freya

The other week all the year sevens went on a camp to Adanac, Yarra Valley. The most exciting activity I did was the water slide. On the day we had beautiful weather and it was fun because I went 45 kilometers an hour. The fastest time was 55 kilometers.  My favorite food was the chicken wraps which I enjoyed with salad. I also really enjoyed having the ice cream sundae on the last day which was a big win for everyone. The positives of camp was that everyone enjoyed it and everyone got to meet new people and I think that most of the people enjoyed all of the activities. It was great and I think that everyone enjoyed absolutely everything.
– Harper

IMG 4942r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

My overall feelings about how camp went was that it was different from all the other camps I have been to and wasn’t used to the cabins being INDOORS! My favorite activity/activities was canoeing and water tramp because I got to be launched into the air on the launch pad by one of the teachers, as well as the flying fox since I had a whole overview of most of the activities and got to wave at my friends while being in the air. My favorite meal was definitely pasta and meatballs, however I also really loved the ice cream sundae, It was the best. We were all very lucky that night. I learnt a lot of things on camp like how to cook damper and how to keep my balance on low ropes but something important I learnt was how to be patient and wait in turn for others as well as to look out for people and make sure they’re ok when they get hurt. Something that could be improved would be the flying fox – I would love if it was a bit longer in length and higher in the air to add more excitement to it but it was amazing either way 🙂
– Maddy

To me camp was ok, I didn’t like crashing on the mountain boarding but my favourite food was probably the chicken wraps despite what everyone said. I reckon camp could be improved by making the mountain boarding less painful to crash and only letting one person go in disc golf at a time, I didn’t enjoy getting hit in the head too much. My favourite activity had to be the water trampoline. Granted it was a little cold, but when Mr Bedford jumped on we all went so high. Overall camp was pretty ok.
– Callan M

Launch - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

For year 7 camp, we went to ADANAC in the Yara Junction, about two and a half hours away from Kyneton. We did so many fun activities, like mountain boarding, archery, low ropes, bush cooking, flying fox, water slide, disc golf, canoeing and aqua tramp. My favourite activity was the flying fox, because I zip lined so high in the air, that I felt like I was flying, so I went on it three times. I also really liked the aqua tramp, because I got launched off the end, and the waterslide, because I went so fast. My favourite food that was served on camp was the Ice cream Sundays, and the Cinnamon scrolls. I wasn’t too keen on the chicken or toast though, because the chicken was sort of slimy, and the toast was either burnt or just bread. I really enjoyed most of the meals we had, especially the desserts. I learnt some things about myself, as well as some new skills. I have discovered that I can actually be really brave when I try, and I have learnt how to mountain board. My only suggestion would be not giving us cookies at ten o’clock at night and then tell us to go to SLEEP. My overall feeling about camp, is pride. I am proud of myself for giving things a go, like the water slide, and mountain boarding. I had a really fun time at ADANAC and hope to go there again someday.
– Adelaide

The activities in camp were amazing, camp cooking, water slide, archery and the zip-line. The cabins were nice and comfortable and I would recommend going to camp Adanac.
– Lachlan B

IMG 7574r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

I think year 7 camp was great, the activities were fun and entertaining, and the food was good. It was great being in a cabin with my friends and playing gaga ball.
– Riley C

I enjoyed the flying fox and water trampoline, the teachers were very supportive of you participating in all of the activities. I learnt that I love taking risks and trying something new out!
– Emilia

IMG 7529r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

I loved camp! I enjoyed hanging out with new people and hanging out with my classmates. I would definitely go back!
– Phoebe

We went camping in Adanac for 3 days in the Yarra junction and it was a great experience! All of the activities were fun and I enjoyed them all! My favourite activity was the waterslide and aqua tramp! I loved getting in the water for a swim! It was a great experience and hope to do something like that again!
– Emilia

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Look what they did to our kitchen!

IMG 8595 rotated - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
IMG 8589 - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

The Year 9 Paddock to Plate students have transitioned smoothly into our new temporary classroom in the staffroom, as we eagerly wait for our new kitchens. Demolition of the old food rooms 34 and 35 has finally begun.


IMG 9176r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning


Continuing with our theme of fresh seasonal produce, the students made Donna Hay Fetta and Zucchini fritters. We served the fritters with chilli sauce and sour cream. They were delicious!Our next focus will be on planting some seasonal Autumn produce in the school garden and cooking up some more seasonal treats. 

From the Food Team

Miss Dalley and Mrs Flynn

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IMG 8574 rotated - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
IMG 9170r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
End of an era

Swimming Carnival

Thought sports 1 1 - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
High & Dry : Thought sports
Thought sports 2 1 - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
Pics by Mr Rickwood

Division Swim Sports

003 - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

The following students achieved places at the Swimming Sports held at the Sunbury Aquatic Centre on Friday March 11th, 2022.

Aaliyah Terbeeke – 3rd, Under 13 Freestyle 

Lexie Stammers – 3rd, Under 14 Freestyle

Eli Jacobsson – 3rd, Under 15 Freestyle 

Allegra Vanderkley – 3rd, Under 15 Backstroke; 3rd, Under 15 Breast Stroke: 4th, Under 15 Freestyle

Zoe Bespalov – 2nd, Under 17 Freestyle; 3rd, Under 17 Butterfly

Mr Cornell

Wellbeing news 2 - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

Years 7, 8, 9 Homegroup Program

Introductory Newsletter Article for Parents, Guardians and our KHS Community

The purpose of our Homegroup Program is to provide a Positive Education foundation for our students. Professor Martin Seligman, one of the world’s leading researchers in positive psychology and human flourishing, suggests that wellbeing is cultivated by the presence in our lives of positive emotion, engagement, relationships, meaning, accomplishment and health. This framework is often referred to as ‘PERMAH’. This is achieved through lessons and activities that develop a healthy state of wellbeing in students.

Healthy Wellbeing: feeling optimism and hope for their futures, because they know that they are working towards becoming their best selves.

Following are brief explanations of lessons and activities used to achieve this purpose.

PERMAH+ Wellbeing Learning Intention and Success Criteria – explaining what students are about to explore and learn in order to connect with and build upon what they already know.

PERMAH+ There are six elements which are rotated through in order of our 6 Report Cycles.

• Wellbeing Activities – several of these are explored each week to support formative development of PERMAH+: Good Things, the Big 5, Mindfulness Time, Character Strength Weeks, Respectful Relationships, Wellbeing@School, Mindful Colouring In, Resilient Me: I am enough, Resourceful Me: I adapt, Attitudes of Life and Respectful Me: I share.

CATs (Common Assessment Tasks) – one per cycle to for students to be summatively assessed upon their application, effort and success in developing individual aspects of the PERMAH+

• Parent Wellbeing – a weekly strategy to support parents to actively focus on their own wellbeing.

Watch this space for updates on what we’ve been doing in our Homegroup space. Our intention is for you to feel empowered to participate actively with your children and their teachers to make a positive difference to both our individual and collective wellbeing.

Caroline Sharpe : Homegroup Learning Area Leader

Jane Strickland – Learning Specialist (Assessment)

Benjamin Hill – Lead Teacher School Culture


KHS Drama Club Graphic - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

Students in years 7 and 8 have started off their semester looking at the use of Tableaux, frozen action, showing the characters in given situations. This has involved practical workshops in the expressive skills of gesture, movement and facial expressions. The Junior Drama course has been designed to build student’s confidence, communication and collaboration skills in a range of practical workshops and activities. We are working towards creating a series of tableaux to show a well-known story.

Drama Club has started to meet on Mondays at lunchtime for those performers and crew members in our school community. Led by Performing Arts Captain, Lana Hughes, we meet like-minded peeps, play Drama games, create scenes and discuss local performance projects in the area. If you have a fondness for theatre or daring for the stage dramatic, come along to Drama Club in the Performing Arts Studio Monday lunchtimes. 

Mrs Kerry Turpie

study drama job interview skills - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

Rainbow Science

Year 7A conducted a measuring experiment to produce rainbow colours in test tubes!

Year 12 Physics

Don’t blink or you’ll miss it…

Here’s a VERY short video of a classic experiment where an overhanging mass causes the cart to accelerate along a bench. It helps prove Newton’s 2nd Law. The students are using our new motion sensor to capture the acceleration of the cart.

Louise Mason

A quick refresher to help get us up to speed with Newtonian Physics:

Force  = mass x acceleration

The time rate of change of the momentum of a body is equal in both magnitude and direction to the force imposed on it

Newton - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
Student leadership logo 1024 - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

Here is our Term 1 Week 8 update of all that’s happening at the moment in Student Leadership

Sports Captains

The SLT would like to thank those students who took the time to show an expression of interest in nominating for Sports Captain for 2022.

The SLT have met and discussed all applications. All candidates will be contacted personally to discuss the outcomes as agreed upon by the SLT.

Watch this space for upcoming announcements re. Our new captains for Netball, AFL and Soccer and the team training times for these sports in the lead up for our upcoming interschool competitions in Term 2.

Sports Equipment for students

Did you know that you can borrow sporting equipment at break times?? The SLT would like to encourage students to come to the SLT Lounge and borrow sporting equipment for use at recess and/or lunchtime.

Just drop in to say hello and leave your name and year level with one of the SLT members in the lounge.

All equipment must be returned promptly to the SLT Lounge, once the first bell goes for the end of the break.

MyMahi - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

Rewards on MyMahi

Did you know you can redeem your MyMahi points for ‘rewards’ prizes? You can accumulate points on MyMahi for Co-Curriculum Participation, or, for demonstrating behaviours that reflect our school values of Respect, Diversity, Excellence and Sustainability.

To get this started, the SLT have nominated the following points levels to receive rewards:

5pts – Zooper Dooper 30pts – Subway voucher to the value of $5

All rewards can be redeemed at the SLT Lounge.

Harmony week - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

Harmony Day Monday March 21st 2022

The SLT will be leading the celebrations on Harmony Day this year.

Harmony week is about being inclusive, respectful and celebrating a sense of belonging for all Australians, regardless of cultural background and differences
From the oldest indigenous culture of our first Australians to our newest arrivals from around the world, our cultural diversity is one of our greatest strengths and is at the heart of who we are.

Australia is one of the most successful multicultural countries in the world! Let’s recognise and celebrate our cultural diversity together!

Some of the ways we have decided to celebrate and acknowledge this day are:

– Wear something orange added to your uniform on Monday 21/03 to receive MyMahi points for showing Respect for Diversity, and, a sweet treat!

The SLT are also designing a mini lesson for period 1 on Monday 21/03/22 so that we can all properly acknowledge the day.

snowy river campus - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
Student leadership 2021 2r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning6 Students from year 9 had the chance to go to the School for Student Leadership and that was us…

Ava Coleman, Caitlyn Merrall,
Jen Girvan, Leathan Coates,
Gabe Weller & Oliver Watt
Student leadership 2021 3r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
Student leadership 2021 9r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & LearningOur Community Learning Project (CLP)

We are focusing on raising awareness for men’s mental health in the local community of Kyneton.

We are planning to run a fundraiser at the Kyneton District Soccer Club with a sausage sizzle and guest speakers from Black Dog Institute, and more.
Student leadership 2021 8r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
Student leadership 2021 7r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning We also have sponsors with Bourkies Bakehouse, Redesdale Hotel, Daylesford Meat & Co + Chiropractic Life Kyneton and many more.
The dates are to be decided, but we hope to see you there!!
Caitlyn Merrall
Student leadership 2021 6r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
Student leadership 2021 5r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & LearningStudent leadership 2021 1r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & LearningStudent leadership 2021 4r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
Bluegreen - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

KHS Co-Curricular Activities Schedule

Day TimeActivityWhoWhereWith who
and Gym
All interested students 7-12Gym ShedMr Merret
Mr Hill
Chess ClubAll interested students 7-12B7Mr Rickwood
LUNCHAFL MatchAll interested students 7-12OvalHouse Captains
Jason C. Year 11 
Maverick K. Year 9
Mr Hill
Book Review TeamAll interested students 7-12LibraryFrancesca
Drama ClubAll interested students 7-12Performing
Arts Studio
Ms Turpie
Year 11 Performing Arts Captain

Lana H.
Gaming ClubAll interested students 7-12B8Staff TBA
Year 12 Gaming Club Captains
Zoe P. & Aris A
Magic The Gathering
Card Game
All interested students 7-12B8Ms Matthews
Pride Crew
All interested students 7-12B3Gareth
VolleyballAll interested students 7-12Grass area between Oval & our School Kitchen GardenYear 12 School Vice Captain
Lizzie B.
Year 12 House Captain
Charlotte K.
and Gym
All interested
students 7-12
Gym ShedMr Hill
Literature ClubAll interested
students 7-12
SL3Ms Nelms
LUNCH PC Building ClubAll interested
students 7-12
Dungeons and Dragons ClubMain Group 1B7Ms Daws
Dungeons and Dragons ClubMain Group 2B8Ms Matthews
Singing Club / ChoirAll interested
students 7-12
Music Room
(Rm 26)
Ms Frank
Soccer MatchAll interested
students 7-12
OvalYear 12 House Captains
Adi & Charli
Table TennisAll interested
students 7-12
HallMs Nguyen
and Gym
All interested
students 7-12
Gym ShedMr Oliveri
Mr Hill
LUNCHAFL MatchAll interested
students 7-12
Oval House Captains
Jason C. Yr 11

Maverik K. Yr 9
Mr Hill
CraftAll interested
students 7-12
LibraryMs Matthews
Ms Sharpe
Dungeons and Dragons ClubYear 7B7 Year 11 D&D Club Captains
Zoe P, Liam G.
& Liam McK.
and Gym
All interested
students 7-12
Gym ShedMr Ryan
Mr Hill
LUNCH Dungeons and
Dragons Club
Main Group 1 B7 Ms Daws
Dungeons and Dragons Club Main Group 2 B8Ms Matthews
Girls Only Gym All interested female students
Gym Shed Ms Smith
Year 12 House
Captain Elise P.
Student Leadership Team Meeting Year Level Captains
Values Captains
Events & Promotions Captains
SLT Photographer
SLT Lounge Year 12
School Captains
!!!Surprise Your Eyes!!!
Mystery Video
All interested students 7-12 LibraryStephen
and Gym
All interested
students 7-12
Gym ShedMr Feng
Mr Hill
LUNCH Dungeons and
Dragons Club
Year 7B7 Year 11 D&D Club
Captains Zoe P. Liam G. and
Liam McK.
Marimba EnsembleAll interested students 7-12Instrumental Music
(Room 7)
Andy Rigby &
Sue Morris Woodwind Teacher
Netball Match All interested students 7-12 Netball Court on Bus Loop Year 12 School Captain Thea
Year 12 House Captain Tahlia
Staff vs. Year 10 students Basketball Match Year 10 students KSAC Stadium Mr Swan and an all-star lineup of other KHS Staff
Bluegreen - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
Alumni logo jpg for newsletter - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

From Lucy King – Alumni Coordinator

Graduate Sean Gottschling, Civil and Dams Engineer, inspires students about a career in Engineering

Two weeks ago Kyneton High School welcomed back alum Sean Gottschling, class of 2014, to talk to students about his post school pathway and role working as a Civil and Dams Engineer.

Sean helped to unpack what an Engineer does and generally inspired young minds about a career in Engineering – including advocating for more females to step into this field of work.

Sean talked to three classes; Year 11 specialist maths, Year 10 Robotics and Year 7 STEAM, and bought along lots of photos, interactive maps and a laser scanner for the students to use, demonstrating how technology plays a part in his work.

Working for renewable energy producer Entura and Hydro Tasmania, Sean gets to travel across Tasmania and he shared some amazing scenic photos of dams, spillways, tunnels and weirs where he works – including the helicopters he occasionally needs to access his worksite!

We were all enthralled and it was lovely to watch young minds explode with the options and possibilities for this career pathway. 

Sean, a very big THANK YOU for visiting your old school to share your knowledge and experience, and to hopefully inspire the next generation of Engineers. I hope you enjoyed catching up with some of your old teachers, as much as they enjoyed seeing you back on campus.

You can follow these stories and more about the alumni program on the alumni Facebook page:

If you’re an alumni of Kyneton High School (an ex-student) and would like to be involved in the alumni program, please contact Lucy King at for more information.

The alumni program is run in conjunction with Ourschool, a not-for-profit service helping Victorian public high schools build thriving alumni networks.

To learn more about Ourschool, go to
IMG 1181 2r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
IMG E1150 2r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
IMG E1176 2r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
Sean for newsletter - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

Last week Sean Gottshling, a KHS Alumni and dam engineer working for Hydro Tasmania, visited the school and talked to students, including myself, about his job. This is part of the alumni program, connecting past Kyneton High graduates working in various industries with current students. I don’t know exactly what I want to do for work; and going into the later years of schooling, the opportunity to hear what being an engineer involves on a day-to-day basis, the kind of environment they work in, and some of the ways to get there was really interesting. It helped me assess the kind of environment I want to spend my time in, what I want to be doing, and the various paths I can take to get there.

Olivia Hedge – Year 10


In the newest Compass Career News:

Deakin University Campus Tours 2022
Studying Design Courses at RMIT
News from JMC Academy
New Acting (Performance) Courses
New Music Production Specialisation
News from Monash University
Monash Explorer
Primary Teaching at Monash
News from Victoria University
New Bachelor of Data Science
Free TAFE course Pathway into the Bachelor of Business
Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Information Service
Animals, Conservation, Wildlife & Zoology Degrees in Victoria in 2022
Veterinary Science Degrees in 2022
Snapshot of Flinders University in 2022

See the full newsletter below.


For sale - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

2 x brand new KHS size 12A dresses for sale. $65 ea ($72.95 from Noone). Never worn. Tags removed, but change of schooling before we even got to hem them. Please contact Carol on 0418 616 068.

2022 GAT Date And Changes

The GAT is changing

From 2023 we will be transitioning the VCE and VCAL to a new integrated senior secondary certificate. As part of the reform of the VCE and VCAL system, Victorian senior secondary students will this year have their literacy and numeracy skills measured against new standards in a reformed GAT.

The new standards will indicate whether students have demonstrated the literacy and numeracy skills typically expected of someone completing their secondary schooling – giving another indication of their readiness to move onto further education, training or employment.

The 2022 GAT will be held on Wednesday 7 September. The slightly later test date provides the time required to ensure the revised GAT is valid and reliable, and for teachers and students to understand the changes – with the test expected to return to its traditional June date from 2023.

Full details on the changes to the GAT can be found here.

School Privacy Collection Notice

Our school collects, uses, disloses and stores student and parent personal information for standard school functions or where permitted by law, as stated in the Schools’ Privacy policy.

Please take time to remind yourself of our schools collection notice (below).

For more infomation about privacy, refer to: Schools’ Privacy Policy – information for parents.

Archive2 - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

from the archive


Kyneton High School


The Education Department has decided to raise the status of the Kyneton High School from grade II to grade I, as from the commencement of the 1946 school year.

This will bring the Kyneton school into the same classification as that of the High Schools in the metropolitan and provincial cities.

It is anticipated that the erection of the new technical wings will be preceded with at an early date, and the free bus services in operation this year which have proved such a success, will be continued on a permanent basis, thus ensuring that the school will serve a district having a radius of approximately 20 miles. The attendance at the school over the past four years has been almost double.

Kyneton Guardian 1st September 1945

via Mal Closter

1944 Front of school and the two school buses - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

School buses in 1944


Grampians sunrise 1024 - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

Coming up…

Some dates for the diary

Friday 18th MarchAnti violence & bullying day
Monday 21st MarchHarmony day
Tuesday 22nd March to Friday 25th MarchYear 10 camp
29th March to 1st AprilYear 7 & 9 KNFC footy clinic
Thursday 31st MarchSchool council
Friday 1st AprilStudent photos
Monday 4th AprilYear 7 immunisations
Thursday 7th AprilVCAL/Applied Grand Prix excursion
Friday 8th AprilAthletics carnival
End of term 1
Principal Tour FB Post - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
Community notices - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
Back to our future 1 - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

Click here to download the Youth Summit permission form

What to do in a mental health emergency - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
Petition 1 - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
Our local cricket club is continuing to fight for its life in response to the recently released Draft Masterplan, which sees community sport in the reserve ousted while tourists, concerts, extra carparks, car rallies, horse racing and craft fairs all get the go ahead.
Local community involvement at Hanging Rock has been and will continue to be vitally important. It is local community which drives groups like Friends of Hanging Rock and has provided thousands of volunteer hours working on environmental projects within the park. It is the local community that volunteers for events, from the CFA at racing days to the many people required for crowd management at the concerts. It is local community businesses that welcome tourists and direct them to the Rock. It is local community that has advocated strongly for meaningful recognition of Aboriginal cultural heritage.

Every one of Hanging Rock Cricket Club’s members – from seven years old to seventy – is invested in the protection of that environment. Moreover, the broader cricket community is invested. Visiting teams love coming to the Rock. Many are already involved in other activities in the precinct. Some of the young people who play with Hanging Rock emblazoned on their cap will grow up to to be rangers, or join Landcare, or own a local business, or even just bring visitors there. All of them will have a lifelong connection to a remarkable part of Victoria.

If you’d like to see local community access to Hanging Rock maintained, if you don’t want to see the reserve developed exclusively for tourists and large scale events, please consider signing our petition.

Julia Niall
WSET Education Co-ordinator 
Puppy Pride 2022 Insta post - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
Junior poster - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
KN263204 KFNC - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
Blueline - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
The Macedon Ranges Netball Association is looking for umpires for our Junior Competition starting Saturday 19th March.

All matches are played at our courts in New Gisborne. Matches are from 8:30am, 9:30am, 10:30am, and 11:30am and are grades U9 – U17.

We are happy to have umpires of any level of experience.  We pay $30 for C badge, $40 for B badge and we have a range of payments for our unbadged umpires.  We are also looking for mentors to assist with our development program.

If you can help us out please contact Tracey – Administration Officer, MRNA (0409757338)
Greenline2 - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
MRSC - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

Youth Leadership Opportunities

Macedon Ranges Shire Council Youth Services is launching a remodelled Youth Ambassadors Program in 2022. It is a great leadership opportunity for young people in the shire to expand their skills, be a voice for young people and have projects they care about made into a reality. Below is some information about the Youth Ambassadors Program. More information is available on the website at


The Youth Ambassadors Program is a youth leadership initiative that amplifies the voices of young people, and supports projects that young people are passionate about. The program helps young people to realise their leadership potential by building their leadership skills and peer to peer and community connections. Young people aged 15-25 who live, work or study in the Macedon Ranges are eligible to participate in the program.

In 2020/21 we reviewed and remodelled our Youth Ambassador program to ensure the activities it offers are relevant, and useful for young People in the Shire.  In 2022, there are two main ways young people can participate in the Youth Ambassadors program: GREEN MEANS GO and LEADERS IN THE LOOP.


Got a passion project you want to get started, or one you want to keep go, go, going? GREEN MEANS GO gives dollars and project support to young people looking to do just that.

•            Supports young people in pursuing projects they are passionate about

•            Offers financial support of up to $1000 for selected projects

•            Offers worker time and skills support through a series of project ‘cluster’ workshops

•            Participants can apply by pitching their projects through our Green Means Go ‘Pitch’ Portal


Know what young people want and want to tell us? LEADERS IN THE LOOP gives young people a seat and a say at the Council and community consultation table.

•            Supports young leaders by bringing them into consultation and decision making loops

•            Enables young leaders to feedback directly to decision makers in the community

•            Offers remuneration to young leaders for their time and input, into consultations

•            Participants can apply by registering their interest through the Leaders in the Loop portal

Applications are now open for Green Means Go and Leaders in the Loop:




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