Term Calendar

Keep up to date with the latest events and important events at Kyneton High School.

Term 1 2021

26/01/21Australia Day Public Holiday
26/1/2021Staff Planning Day (Student Free), Book Collection Day
28/1/21Student Free Day
29/1/21Y7 Welcome Day, Y12 Eyes on the Prize Day
2/2/21Y7&Y8 Step up to Success workshop, Y11&12 VCAL Success Strategies workshop
3/2/21Y12 Alumni Seminar, Whole School Assembly
10/2/21Y7 Families Night (incl. 5.45 Xuno workshop, 6-7pm Mindsets, BBQ)
23/2/21Swimming Sports Day
25/2/21Student Photos
3/3/21Y7 Camp
4/3/21Y7 Camp
5/3/21Y7 Camp
8/3/21Labour Day Public Holiday
10/3/21Y11 & 12 VCAL & VCE Info Evening 6pm
12/3/21All Levels Sports: Division Swimming
18/3/21School Council (2020 final meeting)
19/3/21C1 Reports Published
23/3/21Y7 Immunisations
24/3/21Pre-Orientation Day - Y12 students only
25/3/21Y9 REACH Program
30/3/219 Team Building Day (Campaspe Downs), Yr 8 Live4Life launch
1/4/21Athletics Day, End of Term 2.30pm finish
2/4/21Good Friday Public Holiday
3/4/21Holidays begin
4/4/21Easter Sunday
5/4/21Easter Monday

Term 2 2021

19/04/21Begin Term 2
22/04/21All Levels Sports: Division Cross Country
25/04/21ANZAC Day
26/04/21Y8 Teen Mental Health First Aid Training
29/04/21Senior Sport
03/05/21Y8 Teen Mental Health First Aid Training
06/05/21All Levels Sport: AFL (girls)
07/05/21Debutante Ball
10/05/21Interm. Sports: AFL (boys)/Soccer/Netball, Y8 Teen Mental Health First Aid Training
11/05/21Y7 & 9 NAPLAN
12/05/21Y7 & 9 NAPLAN
13/05/21Y7 & 9 NAPLAN
14/05/21Y7 & 9 NAPLAN
21/05/21C2 Reports Published
28/05/21Y7 Sports: AFL (boys)/Soccer/Netball
31/05/21Y9 Morrisby information week
04/06/21Y8 Sports: AFL (boys)/Soccer/Netball
07/06/21Y10 Work Experience Week, Y9 Morrisby 9A
08/06/21Y9 Morrisby 9B
09/06/21GAT 10-1:15, Y9 Morrisby 9C
10/06/21Yr 10 Immunisations, Y9 Morrisby 9D
11/06/21Y9 Morrisby 9E
14/06/21Queen's Birthday Public Holiday
16/06/21Y9 Camp, Y11 TYMHFA Program (TBC)
17/06/21Y9 Camp, Y11 TYMHFA Program (TBC)
18/06/21Y9 Camp, Y11 TYMHFA Program (TBC)
22/06/21Senior Sports: Basketball
23/06/2110 Step Challenge (10)
24/06/21Student Led Conferences
25/06/21C3 Curriculum Ends, End of Term 2.30pm finish
26/06/21Holidays begin

Term 3 2021

12/07/21Term 3 Begins
16/07/21C3 Reports Published
19/07/21Morrisby Interviews
21/07/21Ski Camp, Y10 into 11 Course Selection, Webinar for families
22/07/21Ski Camp, Y8 HG Course Selection workshops
23/07/21Ski Camp
26/07/21Y8 into 9 HG Course Selection workshops
28/07/21Interm. Sports: Basketball, Y8/9 into 9/10 Course Selection, Webinar for families
02/08/21Y10 Course Counselling
03/08/21Y10 Course Counselling
04/08/21Y10 Course Counselling
05/08/21Y10 Course Counselling
06/08/21Y10 Course Counselling
09/08/21Y8 & 9 Subject Selection
10/08/21Y8 & 9 Subject Selection
11/08/21Y8 & 9 Subject Selection
12/08/21Y8 & 9 Subject Selection
13/08/21Y8 & 9 Subject Selection
16/08/21Science Week
18/08/21VET HSA First Aid
19/08/21Y7 Sport: Basketball
27/08/21Y7-11 C4 Reports Due
30/08/21Y8 Sport: Basketball
03/09/21Y7-11 C4 Reports Published
17/09/21All Unit 4 SACs completed, End of Term 2.30 finish
18/09/21Holidays begin
27/09/21Y12 Practice Exams
28/09/21Y12 Practice Exams
29/09/21Y12 Practice Exams
30/09/21Y12 Practice Exams
01/10/21Y12 Practice Exams

Term 4 2021

04/10/21Term 4 Begins
26/10/21Y7 Immunisations (Round 2)
27/10/21VCAA Written Exam period starts
29/10/21All Unit 2 SACs completed
01/11/21Y11 Revision Classes
02/11/21Melbourne Cup Day, Student Free Day
03/11/21Kyneton Cup Public Holiday
04/11/21Y11 Revision Classes
05/11/21Y11 Revision Classes, School Captain Elections
08/11/21Y10 & 11 Revision Classes
09/11/21Y10 & 11 Revision Classes
10/11/21Y10 & 11 Revision Classes, PLC
11/11/21Y10 & 11 Revision Classes, Remembrance Day assembly
12/11/21Y10 & 11 Study Day
15/11/21Y10 & 11 Exams
16/11/21Y10 & 11 Exams
17/11/21Y10 & 11 Exams, VCAA Written Exam Period ends
18/11/21Y10 & 11 Exams
19/11/2110-11 Brain Break Day, Valedictory Dinner
22/11/21Y11 & 12 Begin 2022
23/11/21Y11 & 12 Begin 2022
24/11/21Y11 & 12 Begin 2022
25/11/21Y11 & 12 Begin 2022
26/11/21Y11 & 12 Begin 2022
29/11/21Y8-12 Begin 2022
30/11/21Y8-12 Begin 2022, Early Start Transition Day
01/12/21Y8-12 Begin 2022
02/12/21Y8-12 Begin 2022
03/12/21Y8-12 Begin 2022, Y10 & 11 (2021) Last Day
06/12/21Y8-10 Begin 2022
07/12/21Y7 Begin 2022
08/12/21Y8-10 Begin 2022
09/12/21Y8-10 Begin 2022
10/12/21Y8-10 Begin 2022
13/12/21Library closed this week, Y7-9 (2021) Activities Day
14/12/21Y7-9 (2021) Excursions
15/12/21Presentation Night
16/12/21Course Counselling, General Office Closed
17/12/21Course Counselling, General Office Closed, End Term 4
18/12/21Holidays begin