School Transition

Kyneton High School Transition

Information to Primary School parents regarding transition to secondary school at Kyneton High School.

Transition to Kyneton High for 2021 The grade 6 students and parents have not been able to visit our school this year so we have put together a slideshow to present some information for grade 6 students. This was created with the help of some year 7 students.

Early next term we plan to do some live meetings with the primary students to give them the chance to ask further questions. Our year 7s are keen to be involved in this. There will be an opportunity for a parent session too. A reminder that enrolment forms should be in by now. If not please return directly to Kyneton High. We have a drop off box just inside the front door, or you can send it by post or email.

Primary schools are currently issuing the Application for Year 7 Placement 2021 to their grade 6 families. This should be returned to your primary school. For those from other areas or in non-government schools you can access the form here and return it directly to Kyneton High School.