Teaching & Learning

At Kyneton High, we aim to provide an innovative learning program that promotes our values of Respect, Diversity, Sustainability and Excellence.

Kyneton High School - Students Working

Our Curriculum

We offer guaranteed and viable curricula from Years 7 to 12, starting with delivery of the Victorian Curriculum in Years 7 to 10, and then offering individual pathways at Years 11 and 12 through the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE), Vocational Education and Training (VET) subjects and the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL).

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Kyneton High School - Students in class


At Kyneton High School we are committed to providing all students with access to the highest quality educational opportunities. Our Equity program aims to enhance the student’s self-esteem, worth and dignity. Encourage interaction and socialisation with peers and provide access to a curriculum which offers a range of opportunities for individualised and group learning.

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Kyneton High School provides a safe environment for the education of our students.

Remote Learning

Our teachers and support staff have been working hard to modify existing learning programs and to prepare new ones that will be accessible to all our students in an out-of-school learning environment.

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Kyneton High School - eLearning


Kyneton High School treats eLearning as an important element the modern classroom. All students are expected to have some form of computer or netbook device with them in class and it should be seen as part of their normal classroom kit that includes their pencil case, books and texts.

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Kyneton High School - School Library


The Library and Resource centre is central to supporting a collaborative learning environment which encourages respect for individual differences, tolerance for differing opinions and points of view. It fosters and enriches the learning and charter goals of the School and its priorities of improving the learning culture and the physical learning environment.

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