Student Life

Students of Kyneton High School are encouraged to actively participate in the school life and show their strengths and capabilities.

Kyneton High School - Child Safe School

Student Leadership

Students at our school have access to a wide range of leadership activities. Leadership benefits students by helping them to grow their confidence in participating in meetings, develop their communication skills and improve their organisational abilities.

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Kyneton High School - School Activities

Co-Curricular Program (Activities & Clubs)

Lunchtimes at Kyneton High School are vibrant and bustling with activity. There are a large number of clubs and activities available to all students and catering to all interests.

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Kyneton High School - House System

House System

Kyneton High School is divided up into four House areas for the purpose of in-school competitions. All students belong to a House and are encouraged to compete in the wide range of activities available.

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Kyneton High School - Music Program

Year 11 Senior Ball

Kyneton High School prides itself in on providing a wide range of opportunities for students to enrich their interests and participation in their school and broader community.

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