The Resource Centre at Kyneton High School Library

The Library and Resource centre is central to supporting a collaborative learning environment which encourages respect for individual differences, tolerance for differing opinions and points of view.

It fosters and enriches the learning and charter goals of the School and its priorities of improving the learning culture and the physical learning environment. Students are supported and encouraged to become independent learners and are empowered to investigate, explore and question in order to nurture thinking, develop problem solving skills and meaningful learning, enhance knowledge and understanding and develop tolerance of and appreciation for differing points of view.

The Library offers a collaborative environment that enriches learning and teaching strategies and caters for the needs of individual students and teachers.

Kyneton High School - School Library

Library Activities and Resources

The Library provides both print resources and information and communication technologies in a variety of formats to support a wide-ranging curriculum. Our Library management system is web-based, so the catalogue can be searched from home as well as school. The Library Resource Centre provides a stimulating, welcoming, user-centered environment with a dynamic learning culture, staffed by skilled, committed and caring professionals.

The Library promotes an enriched literature culture through a wide selection of fiction, and a wide reading programme operating with the English KLA. The KHS Book Review Team meets regularly to read and discuss new fiction.