Wellbeing and Equity Programs

The Equity Team

At Kyneton High School we are committed to providing all students with access to the highest quality educational opportunities.

The Equity Leader with our team of Integration Aides provide support and develop specific programs to assist students with special needs. Students can be referred to the Equity team by teachers or parents. If necessary, assessment of particular learning difficulties and referral to specialists can be arranged by our team. Following the assessment, Individual Learning Plans are developed in collaboration with parents, teachers and specialist reports to establish the most appropriate support.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of the Equity program at Kyneton High, please contact the Assistant Principal, Faye Zollia.

Our Equity program aims to:

  • Enhance the student’s self-esteem, worth and dignity.
  • Encourage interaction and socialisation with peers.
  • Provide access to a curriculum which offers a range of opportunities for individualised and group learning and the development of skills, knowledge and values.
  • Offer students the fullest opportunity to participate in regular class activities. This may involve some curriculum modification. At other times, the Program Support Group may decide that a student requires a program that may require withdrawal from the classroom. Student reporting reflects this modification and aims to acknowledge student progress.

The Wellbeing Team

This year the Wellbeing Team consists of Amanda Summers – Student Counsellor, Gareth Rowe – School Chaplain and Andrea Scott - School Nurse. We also have access to specialised psychological services.

The Wellbeing team can help students with issues such as peer relationships, depression, anxiety, bullying, abuse, harassment, self esteem, health issues and health education, and a variety of other youth related issues. We also work with families to address parenting techniques, family relationships and assist with referrals and welfare assistance.

If you would like to speak with any member of the team or make a referral please feel free to contact Amanda Summers on 5421-1100 or amanda.summers@education.vic.gov.au (Available: Monday to Friday)

About Amanda Summers

My name is Amanda Summers. I have formal qualifications and experience in Human Resources, Psychology, Counselling, Youth Work and Adolescent Development. I am a member of the Australian Counselling Association (ACA). Some of my previous roles include Youth Development Worker for the Macedon Ranges Shire Council, Student Welfare officer in Secondary Education, and Youth Residential Care Worker.

I can help students with issues such as peer relationships, depression, anxiety, group work, abuse, harassment, self esteem and a variety of other issues. I also work with families to address parenting techniques and family relationships. I am also able to assist with referrals and welfare assistance.

I am available all week and can arrange referrals to our other counsellors or to specialised services.

Macedon Ranges ‘Live4Life’ Schools

Actively promoting rural students’ mental health

All Macedon Ranges Secondary schools have joined together in partnership with community in the Macedon Ranges Shire to address our young people’s mental health. Gisborne Secondary College, Kyneton High School, Sacred Heart College, Braemar College and Macedon Grammar are the Live4Life schools for 2020.

The partners of the ‘Live4Life’ project include the 4 secondary schools, The Macedon Ranges Shire Council, Youth Development Unit, Cobaw Community Health and Macedon Ranges Health Service. This initiative is in response to a reported increase from schools, in depression, anxiety, cyberbullying and self-harm, leading to the need for a coordinated response to address our young people’s mental health.

The 5 secondary schools and community partners unanimously agreed to develop an approach to mental health that focuses on prevention and education.

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Why focus on young people, mental health and education?

  • One in four (26.4%) young people, aged 16-24 years, are living with a mental illness in Australia.
  • The rate of unemployment among teenagers who were not in fulltime education has risen from 12.2% in 2008 to 18.5% in 2009, one of the largest annual increases for teenagers over the past two decades.
  • Mental health problems are common in young people
  • Mental illness ranks as the highest disease burden in 15-24 year olds, namely anxiety and depression.
  • Around 1 in 4 adolescents will have had clinical depression by the end of adolescence 96 young Australians, 15-19 years die by suicide every year. It is stated that this number is grossly underreported.
  • 95% of young people have experienced alcohol misuse before 18 years.
  • Mental illness impacts on ‘whole-of-life’ functioning if begins in adolescence.
  • Students experiencing stress and anxiety are less likely to excel academically.
  • Early school leavers are associated with increased behaviours such as smoking, chronic disease and increased risk of mental illness in adulthood.

Doctors in Schools

On Wednesday 15th February 2017, the Deputy Premier and Minister of Education, the Hon. James Merlino visited Kyneton High School and launched the Doctors in Schools initiative for our school.

The Doctors in School initiative will give our students access to a doctor at our school for one day per week. The doctor will work out of a dedicated medical clinic that has been established on our site. This is a great initiative for our students, many of whom have both parents working and travel in from small communities, with limited access to medical services, to attend school.