Kyneton High School Policies

Our policies provide advice for students, parents and the wider school community.

School policies are regularly reviewed and updated by School Council. The individual policies are amalgamated into related sets.

Education Policies  (Includes: Acceptable eUse, Use of Data, Digital Citizenship, BYOD, eSmart, Numeracy, Homework, School Dux, Student Leadership and VCE & VCAL)

Finance Policies  (Includes: Building Fund, Eftpos, Fundraising, Fraud Prevention, Gifts & Benefits, Internet Banking, Investment, Parent Payments, Purchasing Card, Cash Handling, Petty Cash, Green Procurement)

OHS Policies  (Includes: Asbestos, Blood Spills, Equal Opportunity & Anti Harassment, Staff Health and Wellbeing, OH&S, Manual Handling, Physical Environment, Traffic Management, DET OH&S, DET OH&S Consultation and Communication, Critical Incident Pathway for Students, and KSC Emergency Evacuation Procedures. )

Organisation Policies  (Includes: Camps & Excursions, Copyright, Criminal Records & Working With Children Check, Induction to School Rules, Hiring of School Facilities, Parent Concerns, Internal Concerns, Policy Review, School Induction, School Bus, Student Driving, Surveillance Cameras, Privacy Policy, VIT & Working With Children Certification, Visitors, Volunteer – Working With Children, Sustainability )

Uniform Policy  (Includes: Dress Code, Shoe Code)

Student Engagement Policies  (Includes: Attendance, Anaphylaxis, Equity and Diversity, First Aid, Handheld Technology, Mandatory Reporting, Safe Schools & Anti Bullying, and Student Code of Conduct & Student Management Procedures and Guidelines)