Emergency Procedures

On Site Evacuation Procedure

In the case of an emergency remain calm. Classroom teachers will ensure that students are accounted for and take their class to the designated year level section of the evacuation assembly area on the school oval, proceeding by the safest and most direct path.

Form Teachers are to move to the relevant Year Level Assembly point, collect a class list from the person in charge (Respective Sub-school Manager) and mark the roll. The rolls are to be returned to the person in charge of each sub-school.

All students are to remain in their home group until the emergency is cleared.

Office Staff will contact emergency services as directed, check and evacuate students in Sick Bay, Student Services and the Senior Study Area down to the School oval.

Off Site Evacuation Procedure

In the case where there is a whole school offsite evacuation, all staff and students will be directed to the lower oval of the Kyneton Show grounds and class lists will be marked off there. All students and Staff to remain there until all clear is given.

Lock Down Procedure

The Kyneton High School Lock-down procedure applies when students and staff need to be locked within buildings for their own safety. This will usually occur if there is a dangerous intruder on school grounds, but may also occur in some circumstances in the event of a hazardous situation such as a chemical spill or extreme weather event, which makes it dangerous for students, staff and visitors to be outside.

In the event of an emergency, the public address system will be activated and the announcement “LOCK-DOWN, LOCK-DOWN” will be broadcast over the PA. All students, staff, and registered guests are to proceed to the nearest classroom. All staff are to secure class rooms and external hallway doors. Students are to be kept out of window sight. Staff must keep students quiet while Lock-down is in place. Authorities will be notified and will be en route. Staff are to remain in this position until the Principal or Vice Principal accompanied by a Police Officer gives the “all clear” to each classroom.

Parents will be contacted about the time and place to pick up their child, if appropriate.