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KHS Newsletter : 01 April 2022

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1st April 2022

From Ana - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

In this penultimate week of term one

we can proudly reflect on our successes and resilience.  Most pleasing of all is to see how our students have settled into their learning.  Despite the unavoidable interruptions caused by COVID, in particular with isolation requirements impacting on our attendance, we have not only been able to stay focused on our curriculum requirements, we have also achieved an extraordinary variety of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities as well.  On the latter, I must acknowledge the amazing teamwork and effort of the Student Leadership Team, with the guidance and support of Mr Hill.  Check out their regular updates about our co-curricular activities in XUNO and the newsletter.

As always, the feedback from the year level camps has been extremely positive, not only as reported in our newsletter but also from the feedback of parents, students and staff.  Mr Swan, having returned from last week’s Year 10 Great Ocean Road Camp, commented on the ways in which we can discover so much about the strengths and abilities of our students when we are engaged in learning outside the classroom.  Thank you to everyone involved in the Years 7, 8 and 10 camps this term; we trust you will treasure the memories of these wonderful experiences. 


The building works are progressing! We now have an empty space where once there were Rooms 34, 35 and 36.  Next, the foundations for the new STEAM/Middle Years building.  This will include new Art classrooms; a new Food Technology room and a Commercial Kitchen/Hospitality room; new Science classrooms, and four general-purpose classrooms for our middle years students.  We will see a lot of changes in this space next term.  We have already managed some of the issues likely to arise when these projects are underway in the midst of daily school life eg. water and power unexpectedly cut off; thanks to our students and staff who have dealt with these issues in a very resilient and solutions-focused manner.

On Friday 25th March the Member for Macedon Ranges, The Hon. Mary-Anne Thomas, on behalf of the Minister of Education, visited school for a sod-turning ceremony.  This was a formal launch of the project, recognising $10.9 million of government funding which enabled this next stage of works, as well as acknowledgment of the appointment of our builders Raysett Constructions.


Congratulations to Mr John Doyle on his successful nomination and re-appointment on the School Council in the parent membership category, and to Mr Ben Hill as a Staff representative. The School Council still has two parent vacancies and would like to hear from any parents who would be interested.  Please direct any enquiries to the Principal.

Finally, I would like to acknowledge and thank our Sports Coordinator Mr Merrett, the Health & PE team, and the Technical and Grounds staff, for their work on organising both the Swimming Carnival and the upcoming Athletics Day.  These events are a wonderful celebration of our whole school community and a great way to round off what has been an exciting and interesting term.

Ana Rees – Principal

Year 8 Camp

IMG 5684r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
IMG 5640r1 - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
IMG 5641r1 - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
IMG 5642r1 - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
IMG 5668 r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

The Summit in Trafalgar was host to our wonderful Year 8 cohort and what a camp it was! Students were pushed to their limits and really stretched out of their comfort zones. As a staff, we were so proud of every student and the way they conducted themselves. The encouragement and support they showed each other, was truly inspiring. There were so many moments where the students showed grit, determination and compassion and it was an absolute joy to witness.

IMG 5690r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

Students were divided into groups and completed the following activities; Abseil, Snowy River Challenge, Rock wall, High wire, Snakes and Nails and the Flying fox. On the Thursday afternoon, we participated in the ‘Monster Course’. This was absolutely gruelling! Take a good look at the photos to see the fun/horrors that were involved!! We were all absolutely shattered after it, but you could not wipe the smiles off the student’s faces for hours!

IMG 5679r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the brilliant staff who attended this camp. They all went above and beyond their duties and were instrumental in the huge success of this event. I cannot thank them enough for their support and dedication. Their enthusiasm, energy and positivity were integral to the wonderful outcomes achieved by our students. Thank you Mr Merret, Ms Daws, Ms Ford, Ms Frank, Mr Shepard, Mr Rickwood and the wonderful Kim and Matt!!

Although, the camp experience was somewhat marred by the after events, it was still an amazing camp that we will all remember for a long time to come. In the aftermath, I would also like to thank our wonderful parents who were so supportive and appreciative of our time and efforts. On behalf of all the staff on camp, we would like to say that it was an absolute pleasure participating in this camp with your children. You should all be very proud of their achievements and their attitudes to everything that was thrown their way.

Cassandra Gunter
Year Level Leader- Year 8

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Year 10 Camp

… and in Banana Pancake News…

IMG 4733r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
IMG 4731r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

The Paddock to Plate classes have been very busy. This week students made flatbread with a choice of yogurt and sesame dip or spring onion dip from the Stephanie Alexander recipe collections. We were amazed how quick and easy the bread was to make. 
We also made banana pancakes with strawberries for those who appreciate sweet recipes.
We have been busily weeding the planter boxers in the garden and topping them up with fresh soil. We planted some autumn vegetables, that we will be able to feature in our recipes next term.

The Food Team 
Miss Dalley and Mrs Flynn


IMG 4694r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning




IMG 4734r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
IMG 4702r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

After A Million And One Muffins

IMG 9176 GOing 1 - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
Going2 rotated e1648690636242 - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
IMG 1326 Gone r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

The old Foods Rooms are no more. They have been reduced to bare earth.
Strapping a camera to one of the KHS ravens, Kevin Tootell obtained this bird’s eye view of the works in progress.

Harmony Day

The Student Leadership Team led the celebrations on Harmony Day this year as this day strongly reflects our KHS values of Respect and Diversity.

Some of the ways we decided to celebrate and acknowledge this day were;

1. We encouraged students and staff to wear something orange added to their uniform on Monday 21/03 to receive MyMahi points for showing Respect for Diversity, and, a sweet treat! Students could wear an orange piece of clothing or an orange accessory added to their uniform to show their Respect for diversity.

2. The SLT also designed a mini lesson for everyone learn about the day. This took place during period 1 on Monday 21/03/22 so that we could all properly acknowledge the day.

3. Lastly the SLT made hundreds of orange ribbons with pins and orange wool bracelets to give out on the day for those who wanted something extra to show their support for respect for diversity.

Harmony week is about being inclusive, respectful and celebrating a sense of belonging for all Australians, regardless of cultural background and differences.

From the oldest indigenous culture of our first Australians to our newest arrivals from around the world, our cultural diversity is one of our greatest strengths and is at the heart of who we are.

Australia is one of the most successful multicultural countries in the world! Let’s recognise and celebrate our cultural diversity together!

From the SLT with support from Mr Hill 🙂

Harmony Day Image Gallery from star photographer Ava Coleman


IMG 1079 Charlie Gaunt Lukas DAmato r 2 - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
Looking dapper in KHS colours (and unofficial school ties) – Charlie Gaunt & Lukas D’Amato
Wellbeing news 2 - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

Years 7, 8, 9 Homegroup Program

Happening this week in Homegroup:

Cycle 2 Wellbeing Element Focus: Positive Emotions (The P of PERMAH)


Wellbeing Learning Intention: for students to learn how to read and understand the intention of body language messages.

Character Strength: Honesty

Parent Wellbeing: What is something that you are passionate about doing? If you haven’t, then find something to give you a reason to get out of bed every morning and strive hard to achieve it. To accomplish it you will need to stick at it show grit.

To learn about how gritty you are, do Angela Duckworth’s free Grit Scale Score at http://bit.ly/gritscale. How gritty are you?
Acknowledgement: Angela Duckworth

The greatest single influence to living a meaningful and fulfilling life is high quality personal relationships. Nearly everything that we will achieve in life will be through people, with people and by people, so we need to develop our students’ interpersonal skills to communicate including:

• using and reading friendly and welcoming body language messages to show positive intentions

• recognising inference, bias and emphasis in conversations

• developing relationships through making eye contact when having face to face conversations

• learning to listen with their eyes, their ears and their hearts to show that the value other people

• valuing and considering other peoples’ opinions and ideas because they matter

• not being on autopilot and being present and mindful in each and every moment

Our students are digital natives, who in many situations, prefer communicating with their devices rather than having face to face personal conversations with others. And because of this lack of in person interaction, many students are not learning how to read or send appropriate body language messages. They are also missing out on the magnificent feelings which come from serotonin and oxytocin, the brain chemicals released during in person communication. We all possess mirror neurons, which copy the expressions, moods and intentions of those around us, but not so from electronic communication. As such, we need to create opportunities for them to experience the beauty of in person connection to share positive intentions. Acknowledgement: Greenfield & Iacoboni                                                

Caroline Sharpe : Homegroup Learning Area Leader

Jane Strickland – Learning Specialist (Assessment)

Benjamin Hill – Lead Teacher School Culture


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IMG 9187r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning


Combined 11 Indonesian class have successfully accomplished their first Indonesian School Assessment Coursework (SAC). To celebrate this milestone, they dressed up in traditional costumes from different regions in Indonesia and cooked Indonesian food.
Lukas and Tobe were wearing Baju Lurik (from Yogyakarta) while Conor was wearing a traditional jacket from the region of Betawi Jakarta called Baju Demang. They combined the jacket with a blangkon (a traditional Javanese hat) and a keris (a traditional Javanese sword – a fake one!).
The parade was then continued with cooking chicken satay and enjoying the meal together.
Everyone looked gorgeous that day. 

Bagus sekali!

Kiky Amelia
Language Teacher (Indonesian)

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IMG 9191r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
IMG 2073 1r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

More Rainbow Science

Year 12 Biology students have been exploring DNA technologies for the last few weeks. Today the class ran through a process called gel electrophoresis. The is method used in forensics, molecular biology and genetics to separate DNA fragments for comparative analysis. To simulate the movement of different sized DNA fragments students used a variety of dyes to visualise how different sized molecules move at different rates across the gel.

Ms Chapman

Turning Sods

IMG 4803r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
IMG 4735r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
IMG 4797r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

25th of March
Mary-Anne Thomas MP – State Member for Macedon – pictured with KHS student leadership Mitch Boyer, Marley Hordern-Reddin, Allegra Vanderkley, Layla McShane, Thea Kingston and Assistant Principal Faye Zollia – turning what appears to be an already very well-turned sod at the site of the newest phase of the KHS re-building program.
Images: Kate-Ida Lee

Bookshelf divider - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

Library News

The Library has been back in action for a few weeks now, and it has been great having students able to use the space again. Unfortunately, due to the flooding, we were not able to hold our Book Tastings in the first weeks of term, but this week had Ms Nelms’ Year 7 English class in for a tasting. The students enjoyed trying different genres and gave very positive feedback:

“I thought the book tasting was great! I thought some of the books would be boring but were actually fun. I would love to do this more!”

“The book tasting was great. I love that we were able to read different types of books even though some I didn’t really like. …I like being introduced to different books.”

“I enjoyed trying new genres of books and rating them.”

We will be back hosting this activity for Years 7-9 classes next term, to enable students to try different genres, and choose a novel for reading in English classes.


New Books

Morris Gleitzman
always r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
It’s fifteen years since readers were first introduced to Felix in Once and across six celebrated books, our brave young hero has survived many unforgettable and emotional journeys. Now comes the seventh and final part of Felix’s story, bringing to a powerful climax a series that countless young readers around the world will remember – Always.
I’ll keep you close
Jeska Verstegen
Ill r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning‘A quiet, child’s-eye look into the effects of intergenerational trauma, from a guileless, devastating poet. Beautiful and unforgettable.’
– Alice Pung
Song beneath the tides
Beverley Birch
Song r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & LearningAlly arrives from England with her brothers to stay for a month in Africa – weeks of running wild on an unspoiled, untamed coast amid mangrove creeks, vast white sandy beaches, coral reefs and warm seas. But on their first walk through the forest to the beach, Ally is swamped by a sense of an unseen presence close to her – of being spoken to.
A secret of birds and bone
Kiran Millwood Hargrave
secret r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & LearningIn an Italian city ravaged by plague, Sofia’s mother carves beautiful mementoes from the bones of loved ones. But one day, she doesn’t return home. Did her work lead her into danger? Sofia and her little brother Ermin cross the city underground, following clues in bones up to the towers of Siena, where – circled by magpies – the children find the terrible truth…
The other side of tomorrow
Hayley Lawrence
other r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & LearningWhat if you thought you had forever … To live your life. To tell your story. But what if forever was taken from you?
Once at the edge of the sea
Sue Saliba
once at r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & LearningA captivating, poetic and beautifully written novel by a winner of the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award. It’s about friendship and creativity, about losing what you treasure, and then finding it again in the most unexpected way.
Bookshelf divider - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
Bluegreen - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

KHS Co-Curricular Activities Schedule

Day TimeActivityWhoWhereWith who
and Gym
All interested students 7-12Gym ShedMr Merret
Mr Hill
Chess ClubAll interested students 7-12B7Mr Rickwood
LUNCHAFL MatchAll interested students 7-12OvalHouse Captains
Jason C. Year 11 
Maverick K. Year 9
Mr Hill
Book Review TeamAll interested students 7-12LibraryFrancesca
Drama ClubAll interested students 7-12Performing
Arts Studio
Ms Turpie
Year 11 Performing Arts Captain

Lana H.
Gaming ClubAll interested students 7-12B8Staff TBA
Year 12 Gaming Club Captains
Zoe P. & Aris A
Magic The Gathering
Card Game
All interested students 7-12B8Ms Matthews
Pride Crew
All interested students 7-12B3Gareth
VolleyballAll interested students 7-12Grass area between Oval & our School Kitchen GardenYear 12 School Vice Captain
Lizzie B.
Year 12 House Captain
Charlotte K.
and Gym
All interested
students 7-12
Gym ShedMr Hill
Literature ClubAll interested
students 7-12
SL3Ms Nelms
LUNCH PC Building ClubAll interested
students 7-12
Dungeons and Dragons ClubMain Group 1B7Ms Daws
Dungeons and Dragons ClubMain Group 2B8Ms Matthews
Singing Club / ChoirAll interested
students 7-12
Music Room
(Rm 26)
Ms Frank
Soccer MatchAll interested
students 7-12
OvalYear 12 House Captains
Adi & Charli
Table TennisAll interested
students 7-12
HallMs Nguyen
and Gym
All interested
students 7-12
Gym ShedMr Oliveri
Mr Hill
LUNCHAFL MatchAll interested
students 7-12
Oval House Captains
Jason C. Yr 11

Maverik K. Yr 9
Mr Hill
CraftAll interested
students 7-12
LibraryMs Matthews
Ms Sharpe
Dungeons and Dragons ClubYear 7B7 Year 11 D&D Club Captains
Zoe P, Liam G.
& Liam McK.
and Gym
All interested
students 7-12
Gym ShedMr Ryan
Mr Hill
LUNCH Dungeons and
Dragons Club
Main Group 1 B7 Ms Daws
Dungeons and Dragons Club Main Group 2 B8Ms Matthews
Girls Only Gym All interested female students
Gym Shed Ms Smith
Year 12 House
Captain Elise P.
Student Leadership Team Meeting Year Level Captains
Values Captains
Events & Promotions Captains
SLT Photographer
SLT Lounge Year 12
School Captains
!!!Surprise Your Eyes!!!
Mystery Video
All interested students 7-12 LibraryStephen
and Gym
All interested
students 7-12
Gym ShedMr Feng
Mr Hill
LUNCH Dungeons and
Dragons Club
Year 7B7 Year 11 D&D Club
Captains Zoe P. Liam G. and
Liam McK.
Marimba EnsembleAll interested students 7-12Instrumental Music
(Room 7)
Andy Rigby &
Sue Morris Woodwind Teacher
Netball Match All interested students 7-12 Netball Court on Bus Loop Year 12 School Captain Thea
Year 12 House Captain Tahlia
Staff vs. Year 10 students Basketball Match Year 10 students KSAC Stadium Mr Swan and an all-star lineup of other KHS Staff
Bluegreen - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

Inter-School Sport

IMG 9850 Benr - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & LearningTraining began this week.

All interested students are encouraged and welcome to attend training.
You must attend training in order to get a place on our team.
The SLT will be facilitating training each week as follows:

Netball – Monday recess at our Netball court on bus loop

Soccer – Thursday recess on our Soccer pitch

AFL – Thursday recess on our AFL oval

IMG 9842 Benr - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
IMG 9854 Benr - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & LearningIMG 9816 Benr - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning IMG 9825 Benr - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning IMG 9845 Benr - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & LearningIMG 9819 Benr - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
Alumni logo jpg for newsletter - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

From Lucy King – Alumni Coordinator

Year 11 & 12 ‘Thrive and Survive’ Alumni Session 

Kyneton High School recently hosted a panel of alumni to talk to the year 11 and 12 students about how to ‘Thrive and Survive’ their last two important years at school.

IMG 9802r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

Six enthusiastic alumni took time off from work and university studies, to give back to their old school by offering help, support and guidance to the current cohort of students.

IMG 1201 2r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

They each shared their own experiences of years 11 and 12 and provided practical tips and advice on how to manage time and workload, preparation for exams, the importance of looking after mental and physical health – as well as touching on their post-school pathway to their current studies or careers.

IMG 9794 2r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

The visiting alumni were treated to a school tour with Principal Ana Rees to see the new buildings, classrooms and developments since they left, and it was lovely listening to shared stories of their old school days, and seeing them reconnect with each other and their former teachers.

IMG 9812 2 r - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

A big shout-out and thank you to alum Jamie Gramberg (class of 2007) from Cookie Crumbs for providing morning tea – a great example of alumni supporting alumni.

A very warm hearted “thank you” to all six alumni who took part, and we wish each of you much happiness and success for the future!

Alumni involved:

Maggie Copeland (class of 2019) – Studying a double degree in Exercise Science and Physiology
Carmen Smith (class of 2018) – Studying a Bachelor of Science majoring in Computing and Software Systems
Janelle Spinks (class of 2017) – Studying a Masters of Science (Chemistry)
Sean Gottschling (class of 2014) – Civil and Dams Engineer
Jess Cockerill-Wright (class of 2013) – Prison Officer involved in training staff, and CFA FireFighter
Tom Woodman (class of 2013) – runs his own building and construction business ‘Zenith Building and Construction’

You can follow these stories and more about the alumni program on the alumni Facebook page: www.facebook.com/KynetonHighSchoolAlumni

If you’re an alumni of Kyneton High School (an ex-student) and would like to be involved in the alumni program, please contact Lucy King at alumni@kynetonhigh.vic.edu.au for more information.

The alumni program is run in conjunction with Ourschool, a not-for-profit service helping Victorian public high schools build thriving alumni networks.

To learn more about Ourschool, go to www.ourschool.net.au
Blueline - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning


In the newest Compass Career News:

Deakin University Campus Tours 2022
Studying Design Courses at RMIT
News from JMC Academy
New Acting (Performance) Courses
New Music Production Specialisation
News from Monash University
Monash Explorer
Primary Teaching at Monash
News from Victoria University
New Bachelor of Data Science
Free TAFE course Pathway into the Bachelor of Business
Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Information Service
Animals, Conservation, Wildlife & Zoology Degrees in Victoria in 2022
Veterinary Science Degrees in 2022
Snapshot of Flinders University in 2022

See the full newsletter below.


KHS Easter Bike Raffle - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
Greenline2 - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning


It has been great to see most of our students supporting the implementation of the new uniform.

During this term, there have been some extended uniform passes granted due to uniform supply chain and some other issues. I would like to remind all students and families that these passes will be expiring at the end of this term. I have contacted Noone – the uniform supplier – who have informed me that they now have most items available and are in the process of filling and sending out the few back orders that are still on standby. Therefore, it is our expectation that all students will be in correct uniform by the start of Term 2. Please find the KHS Dress Code and Uniform Items documents below.


  • Shoes must be all black, all enclosed and all leather (or non-animal leather). Trainers are fine as long as they are all black and all leather. Ankle boots such as Doc Martens and Blundstones are fine as long as they are all black and all leather. These should not be higher than ankle height. See the pictures in the document for more details and sample images.
  • Sport shorts, track pants and polos may only be worn during practical PE classes. If the student has practical PE in period 1 they may wear the sports uniform to school for the P1 class and then change into academic wear for remainder of classes. Students cannot wear sports shorts/trackies with their academic uniform.
  • The rugby top and soft shell jacket can be worn with both the academic and sports uniforms.
  • Any non-uniform extra layers worn for warmth (e.g. undershirts) must not be seen over the uniform. No hoodies!
    • If wearing long sleeves under a short sleeve top for extra warmth, wear a jumper or jacket on top.
  • Accessories like hats, beanies and ties must be from the approved uniform items.
  • All uniform items may be worn by students of any gender – there is no ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ uniform.
  • All uniform items can be worn year round – there is no ‘summer’ and ‘winter’ uniform, though we encourage students to dress appropriately for the weather.


Uniform items can be purchased from directly from Noone’s Bendigo store, or online.

Noone Bendigo Store : 21 Queen Street, Bendigo, Vic. 3550
Phone : 03 7018 4199 Email: bendigo@noone.com.au

As of April 1st, Noone advises they do not have every item in every size, so we would advise calling the store to check before heading to Bendigo.

Trading Hours : Monday to Friday 9.00 am – 5.00 pm; Saturday 9.00 am – 12.00 pm. Closed Sunday & public holidays.

Online Store : https://www.noone.com.au/school/kyneton-high-school/shop

Financial support
If you are facing hardship, please contact Cheryl in the office to discuss options (5421 1100).


If there is a medical, religious or cultural reason why your child might need to wear a long-term variation of the approved uniform, then you need to write to Ana Rees, the Principal, on kyneton.hs@education.vic.gov.au requesting approval for variation. Those who have already had confirmation of Ana’s approval in writing don’t need to apply again next term.

If there is a short-term reason why your child is out of uniform, for example the correct item has become damaged and requires a period of time to repair/replace it, then please give your child a note to take to the General Office prior to the first bell of the day and they will be issued a uniform pass. From next term these will not be issued for more than a week at a time.

2022 GAT Date And Changes

The GAT is changing

From 2023 we will be transitioning the VCE and VCAL to a new integrated senior secondary certificate. As part of the reform of the VCE and VCAL system, Victorian senior secondary students will this year have their literacy and numeracy skills measured against new standards in a reformed GAT.

The new standards will indicate whether students have demonstrated the literacy and numeracy skills typically expected of someone completing their secondary schooling – giving another indication of their readiness to move onto further education, training or employment.

The 2022 GAT will be held on Wednesday 7 September. The slightly later test date provides the time required to ensure the revised GAT is valid and reliable, and for teachers and students to understand the changes – with the test expected to return to its traditional June date from 2023.

Full details on the changes to the GAT can be found here.

Turning pages - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning Call For Volunteers Turning pages - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

We are looking for new volunteers for the Turning Pages program at KHS to work with Year 7 students one-to-one on their literacy skills.

Turning Pages is a fantastic program designed for non-teachers to help anyone to improve their reading and spelling – it’s so structured that there is no planning or making anything up – once you’re trained you just open the book and teach what’s on the page.

You only need a couple of hours a week (more if you like!) on days and times to suit you.

NIE - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

On-going support is provided by Jackie Nieuwenhuizen – trainer and co-ordinator for Turning Pages.
If you are interested please contact the office on 5421 1100 or kyneton.hs@education.vic.gov.au

Greenline2 - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

School Privacy Collection Notice

Our school collects, uses, disloses and stores student and parent personal information for standard school functions or where permitted by law, as stated in the Schools’ Privacy policy.

Please take time to remind yourself of our schools collection notice (below).

For more infomation about privacy, refer to: Schools’ Privacy Policy – information for parents.

Archive2 - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

from the archive


Kyneton High School To Get New Block Of Rooms

The accommodation problem at Kyneton High School will be greatly relieved following the recent news that the construction of a block of additional rooms has been approved by the Minister of Education.

The Honourable Jock Granter, MLC, said yesterday that he had been advised by the Honourable J. S. Bloomfield, Minister of Education, that following the deputation from the Kyneton High School Advisory Council which he introduced to the Minister recently, senior officers of the Public Works Department and the Education Department visited the school and discussed the problem with members of the Advisory Council, as a result of this visit, the Minister has approved of the erection of a new block of four classrooms together with staffrooms.




This block will for the first stage of the building program of this school and a further block on the east side of the main school building will be considered at a later stage.

The Minister said that he was hopeful that this contract would be included in the present district contract for the erection of classrooms throughout the State for which tenders close on November 2, 1966.

Mr. Granter said that the new courses which are undertaken at the Kyneton High School, which incorporates technical classes, make these rooms an absolute necessity.

Members of the deputation which was arranged by Mr. C. Stoneham, MLA, and introduced by Mr. J. Granter, MLC, were Cr. W. L. Hooppell, Cr. E. Lester-Smith, Cr. G. Girvan, Cr. J. Hill, Mr. D. Flounders and the headmaster, Mr. S. L. Waterson.

Kyneton Guardian 29th October 1966.

via Mal Closter

Blueline - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
Grampians sunrise 1024 - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

Coming up…

Some dates for the diary

Monday 4th AprilYear 7 immunisations
Thursday 7th AprilVCAL/Applied Grand Prix excursion
Friday 8th AprilAthletics carnival
End of Term 1
Monday 25th AprilAnzac Day
Tuesday 26th AprilStart of Term 2 (Pupil free day)
Wednesday 27th AprilStudents start Term 2
Wednesday 27th April Live4Life
Principal Tour FB Post - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
Community notices - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
Back to our future 1 - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

Click here to download the Youth Summit permission form

What to do in a mental health emergency - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
Petition 1 - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning
Our local cricket club is continuing to fight for its life in response to the recently released Draft Masterplan, which sees community sport in the reserve ousted while tourists, concerts, extra carparks, car rallies, horse racing and craft fairs all get the go ahead.
Local community involvement at Hanging Rock has been and will continue to be vitally important. It is local community which drives groups like Friends of Hanging Rock and has provided thousands of volunteer hours working on environmental projects within the park. It is the local community that volunteers for events, from the CFA at racing days to the many people required for crowd management at the concerts. It is local community businesses that welcome tourists and direct them to the Rock. It is local community that has advocated strongly for meaningful recognition of Aboriginal cultural heritage.

Every one of Hanging Rock Cricket Club’s members – from seven years old to seventy – is invested in the protection of that environment. Moreover, the broader cricket community is invested. Visiting teams love coming to the Rock. Many are already involved in other activities in the precinct. Some of the young people who play with Hanging Rock emblazoned on their cap will grow up to to be rangers, or join Landcare, or own a local business, or even just bring visitors there. All of them will have a lifelong connection to a remarkable part of Victoria.

If you’d like to see local community access to Hanging Rock maintained, if you don’t want to see the reserve developed exclusively for tourists and large scale events, please consider signing our petition.

Julia Niall
WSET Education Co-ordinator 
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Youth Leadership Opportunities

Macedon Ranges Shire Council Youth Services is launching a remodelled Youth Ambassadors Program in 2022. It is a great leadership opportunity for young people in the shire to expand their skills, be a voice for young people and have projects they care about made into a reality. Below is some information about the Youth Ambassadors Program. More information is available on the website at www.mrsc.vic.gov.au/leadership


The Youth Ambassadors Program is a youth leadership initiative that amplifies the voices of young people, and supports projects that young people are passionate about. The program helps young people to realise their leadership potential by building their leadership skills and peer to peer and community connections. Young people aged 15-25 who live, work or study in the Macedon Ranges are eligible to participate in the program.

In 2020/21 we reviewed and remodelled our Youth Ambassador program to ensure the activities it offers are relevant, and useful for young People in the Shire.  In 2022, there are two main ways young people can participate in the Youth Ambassadors program: GREEN MEANS GO and LEADERS IN THE LOOP.


Got a passion project you want to get started, or one you want to keep go, go, going? GREEN MEANS GO gives dollars and project support to young people looking to do just that.

•            Supports young people in pursuing projects they are passionate about

•            Offers financial support of up to $1000 for selected projects

•            Offers worker time and skills support through a series of project ‘cluster’ workshops

•            Participants can apply by pitching their projects through our Green Means Go ‘Pitch’ Portal


Know what young people want and want to tell us? LEADERS IN THE LOOP gives young people a seat and a say at the Council and community consultation table.

•            Supports young leaders by bringing them into consultation and decision making loops

•            Enables young leaders to feedback directly to decision makers in the community

•            Offers remuneration to young leaders for their time and input, into consultations

•            Participants can apply by registering their interest through the Leaders in the Loop portal

Applications are now open for Green Means Go and Leaders in the Loop: www.mrsc.vic.gov.au/leadership




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