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KHS Newsletter : 29th July 2021

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Hang in there!

Before you know it, the daffs will be back.

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Cheers from KHS

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From Ana - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

It was with great pleasure and relief that we received the Premier’s announcement that all students would resume on-site learning from Wednesday 28 July.  Thanks to all our students and families for your contribution to the continuation of learning while we banded together as a state to control this latest outbreak. The fact that we were able to return to school this week is the result of the extraordinary efforts of our whole community.

During the remote learning period we were able to continue with some important school events using online platforms, including WebEx.  Approximately fifty Year 9 students were able to complete their Morrisby interviews online from home, and some parents were even able to use the opportunity to join their students in the interviews. THANK YOU to all these students and families for your support. Our Careers and Pathways team were able to present two very successful information webinar sessions: this week for students in Year 8/9 going into Year 9/10, and last week for Year 10s going into Year 11.  Course handbooks have been sent through XUNO to the relevant year levels.  This allows us to maintain our timelines regarding the course selection and timetabling processes for 2022.

The impact of the disruptions to learning on our VCE and VCAL students has been recognised by the government, and the Consideration of Educational Disadvantage process will continue this year to ensure that students have fair and valid consideration of their assessment scores. Our highly experienced Senior Team is managing this process and has been providing an excellent standard of support and encouragement to our VCE and VCAL students.

During the transition back to on-site learning, the key priorities that schools have been asked to focus on are:

  • School attendance
  • Wellbeing checks
  • Routines and return to a full learning program

Our Year Level Leaders, Home Group teachers, Wellbeing and Equity staff have been very active during the remote learning period, and during the last few days, to ensure that we are following up on these priorities so that students have a smooth return to on-site learning. 

There are some ongoing restrictions that must remain in the meantime to ensure that we have a COVID-safe learning environment.

In particular we ask that students adhere to the requirements regarding the wearing of face masks, as follows:

  • Students must wear a mask at all times, inside and out and while travelling on buses. The importance of mask wearing has been made very clear by the Dept. of Health, the Dept. of Education, the Chief Health Officer and the Premier. The rules for secondary school students are very clear.
  • Students MUST bring their own mask to school. When students come to school without a mask, we will provide them with one. If they lose it, they will not be able to return to the regular classroom and will be supervised in the main Admin building. Parents/guardians will be notified. 
  • Teachers have been instructed to follow up on students who refuse to wear their mask by referring them to the Principal or Assistant Principal. Parents/guardians will be notified.
  • Students who have previously had an approved exemption logged at the office will continue to do so. Any parent/guardian seeking an exemption should provide the school with a statement from a medical professional.

I would like to thank you all once again for your support of the school and the larger Victorian community during the remote learning period, and as we resume our on-site school routines. Please stay tuned for the notifications coming soon regarding our Parent-Teacher interview arrangements.

Welcome to new staff members

We extend a warm Kyneton High School welcome to our new staff team members and wish them all the best:

Liz Smith – PSD Coordinator

Lucy King – Alumni Project Coordinator

Timothy Rickwood – English and Humanities teacher

Ana Rees – Principal

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Sconny News

During our latest round of remote learning, Miss Dalley’s 8M Junior Food and Creative Cooking class continued with practical food classes.

We baked scones as most students would have hopefully already had the ingredients in their pantries. 

We had lots of fun and the scones were all successful. 

Who wouldn’t want a Devonshire tea in the comfort of their own home? 

Well done to all the students who participated!

Miss Dalley

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Yr 9/10 Performance:


The applause is still ringing in our ears!

Congratulations to all the cast & crew – and Director Emma Nelms.

Some scenes from the show:

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School Notices


Please note that the General Achievement Test (GAT) has been rescheduled by the VCAA to Thursday 12th August, commencing at 10.00am.  The GAT is compulsory for all students completing a Year 12 VCE subject or scored VCE VET subject.  Students have been advised regarding the change of date.  We ask that parent/carers of students sitting the GAT please be aware of this change of date and ensure that students are prepared for sitting this exam (a good breakfast and ensure that they are at school by 9.30am).

with thanks
Senior Years Team


Victoria is transforming the delivery of senior secondary education with the introduction of a single senior secondary certificate that will offer greater access to quality vocational and applied learning pathways for all students. The senior secondary education reforms aim to provide access to education and training that is relevant, engaging and that delivers in-demand skills for the future world of work, ensuring that students can access education that leads to employment. 

Next year students will still be able to enrol in either the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) or the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE). The following year, in 2023, VCAL students will be enrolled in the new VCE Vocational Specialisation or the new foundation pathways certificate which will be introduced to replace Foundation VCAL. The VCE Vocational Specialisation will be recognised internationally, be valued by employers and will build on the strengths of VCAL including providing: 

  • flexible timetables that allow students to study at school, TAFE and work 
  • opportunities to experience real-life workplaces  
  • subjects that will build students skills and prepare them for life after school 
  • greater access to high quality VET learning, either in school, a neighboring school or a local TAFE 

Annette Brown  | Pathways / Senior Years Administration


The CSEF helps eligible families to cover the costs of school strips, camps and sporting activities. Families with a valid means-tested concession card such as a Veterans Affairs Gold cArd, Centrelink Health Care Card or Pensioner Concession Card, as well as temporary foster parents, are eligible to apply.  There is also a special consideration category for asylum seeker and refugee families.

Schools now have until 13 August to submit CSEF applications.

See the link below for further information on submitting an application:



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KHS Achievers

Big science - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

The Big Science Competition is organised by Australian Science Innovations, who also run the Australian Science Olympiad competitions. It is a national online competition consisting of 30 Multiple Choice questions that test scientific reasoning and analysis. You can find out more about Australian Science Innovations by clicking this link:

Our programs

Our students achieved:

2 High Distinctions

Wei Chang (yr 7) and Harvey Briscomb (yr 10)

4 Distinctions

Samson Briscomb (yr 7), Keely McColley (yr 7), Madison Natale (yr 7), Hamish Whyte (yr 7)

4 Credits

Cyra Chignell (yr 7), Jack Gribbin (yr 7), Zoe Hohnberg (yr 7), Tully Rogers (yr 7)

3 Participations

Jack Fox (yr 7), Connor Irving (yr 7), Kisha Monleon (yr 9)

Well done to all the students who participated in the competition and performed so well.


Lou Mason

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The new uniform was introduced two years ago with a two-year transition. That means that THIS IS THE LAST YEAR that the old school uniform can be worn, and ALL STUDENTS must wear the new school uniform from the start of 2022. Students who have purchased old school uniform items during the first semester will not be able to wear these items in 2022.  The old school uniform will not be on sale after the end of this semester.

This includes the option of wearing a plain black jacket which students were allowed to wear with the old school uniform because the supply of the old spray jacket had become unavailable.  So, from next year, ONLY THE NEW SCHOOL JACKET OR BLAZER is allowed to be worn as outerwear.

Students in years 9 to 11 need to make sure that over the course of the next semester they make plans to phase in the new uniform.  The uniform is available to be ordered online at this link:


or you can visit the Noone Bendigo Store at 21 Queen Street, Bendigo Vic 3550, Monday – Friday 9.00am-5.00pm or Saturday 10.00am – 1.00pm

Here are a mix of yr 8s and yr 10s looking good in the regular and sports uniforms.
And yes . . . “Kids just wanna have fun” 😉

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What’s On In The Library?

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Audio Book Fans!

The Library is building a list of free audio books anyone can access.

The link below takes you to the KHS Library catalogue, and you can follow links to listen / download from there.

Francesca-curated list of audio books

We’re adding to the list frequently, so check back soon!

Writing Competitions

Your chance for literary fame and glory

Lane Cove Literary Awards 2021

This award is for writers over the age of 16, and offers three prizes – the Short Story Prize, the Memoir Prize, and the Poetry Prize. Entry fee is $15, and entries close on Thursday 19 August , 2021. More details can be found at http://www.lanecove.nsw.gov.au/Community/Library/Pages/LaneCoveLiteraryAward.aspx

2021 Hilarie Lindsay Young Writers

This is a short story competition for school children, divided into age groups, and with word limits up 2500 words. More details can be found on the website https://fawnsw.org.au/2021-hilarie-lindsay-young-writers/

Dorothea Mackellar Poetry Awards

The Dorothea Mackellar Award is Australia’s largest and oldest poetry competition for school children. The closing date is 30th June. Find out more details on the website https://fawnsw.org.au/dorothea-mackellar-poetry-awards-2/

The Hachette Australia Prize for Young Writers

This competition is open for secondary school children across Australia, and entries can be fiction, non-fiction, or poetry.  Entries close 12th August, 2021. Find out more on the website https://expressmedia.org.au/programs/hachette-australia-prize/


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The Sports Supplement


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Sarah Sell is going to the Interschool Nationals. Representing Kyneton High School in the VEIS Interschool Dressage Series for the Elementary section she finished as Reserve Champion after yesterday’s Grand Final. She will now represent Victoria in the National Competition in September. The Series which ran through the year consisted of 3 qualifiers and the Grand Final where they accumulate individual and school points. Only the top 2 finishers Champion & Reserve Champion in the series take a National spot joining the top 2 riders from the State Championships held earlier in the year. Kyneton High School with Sarah & Hannah Gajic being the only representing riders finished 16th in the State School tally with 50 points.


Mel Sell


image002res - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning Ella Jeffrey Year 8  

was awarded Most Valuable Player for Central Victoria Basketball Academy 20/21 season, and also came 3rd in best defensive player for u16 girls.

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From the archives

Piese berry goo - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

(From The Magazine of the Kyneton High School : 1952)

And while we’re talking historical Kyneton, just look at THIS!

Freshly published by the Kyneton Historical Society, KYNETON FROM PAST TO PRESENT is a big, fascinating and copiously illustrated history of Kyneton and district by Ken McKimmie and Larina Strauch.  Six years in production, it is now for sale from Aesop’s Attic ($55.00) and from the Historical Society itself.

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 – Attention Year 10 –

Keep Friday 13th of August free!

Green and Black Vintage Horror Halloween Poster 2 - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

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Principal Tour FB Post - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

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Pop these dates in your diary - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

Thursday July 29th School council
Friday July 30th National Schools Tree Day
Monday August 2nd to Friday August 6th Year 10 Course Counselling
Friday August 6th Awards Assembly

Australian Maths Competition

Thursday August 19th Parent/teacher interview day
Monday August 30th Pupil free day

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Parenting Ideas

How to stop sibling rivalry

by Michael Grose

Question: What causes sibling rivalry? Answer: Having more than one child. This joke always gets a laugh in our parenting presentations but there is more than a hint of truth about it. If your children are constantly in competition then you’ll know how destructive sibling rivalry can be. While some rivalry between siblings is healthy, too much can have a toxic impact on family life and children’s self-esteem.

In this article, you can find out some of the fascinating insights from the book ‘Why first borns rule the world and later borns want to change it.’

Click here to read the article

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Tertiary Open Days / Virtual Open Days 2021

Most institutional Open Days are held in late July and August (see the PDF link at the end of this item for Open Day dates). However, you
are more than welcome to contact an institution to arrange a visit any time.

What happens on an Open Day?
On Open Day you can visit an institution when it’s at its best. Everyone is there – academics, lecturers, current
students, and information officers. More importantly, you can talk with academics, lecturers, and current students
about what certain courses are actually like, and what is required to get into them.

Who should attend an Open Day?
Anyone who is considering studying at a tertiary level in the next few years should attend.

Why should you attend an Open Day?
Apart from the opportunity to obtain course information there are many other reasons why attending an Open Day
is a good idea:
• You are going to feel more comfortable arriving at a university or TAFE institute on the first day of classes if you
have been there before.
• What is really involved in the course or courses you are interested in?
• If you have to move away from home, where are you going to live?
• Will you be happier studying in a large metropolitan institution or a smaller, perhaps rural institution?
• What does the place ‘feel’ like? Is it a bustling environment with lots of activity or a quieter, more relaxed
campus set in landscaped grounds?
• How are you going to get there? Is it close to public transport or should you start saving now for a car?

If you don’t know the answers to any of these questions, then you should attend an Open Day!

VIRTUAL OPEN DAYS 2021 (PDF document)

Compass Career News

Items in the this week’s Career News include: 

  • Dates to Diarise in Term 3
  • New Business Degrees at RMIT University
  • What is a Barrister?
  • Key Dates for Tertiary Applications for 2022 Entry
  • Nexus Program at La Trobe University
  • What is VET in the VCE?
  • CASPer Entry Requirements for Teacher Qualifications
  • Upcoming Inside Monash Seminar Series
  • APS Study Pathways to a Registered Psychologist
  • Biomedicine/Biomedical Science Degrees in Victoria in 2021 
  • Electrical Engineering Degrees in Victoria in 2021  
  • Snapshot of Kangan Institute in 2021

Follow this link to view the document (PDF file):

Compass Career News : 30 July 2021 

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Community notices - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

Nominations open for Council’s 2021 Youth Awards

Do you know a young person aged 12–25 years doing amazing things in our community?

Tell us about the inspiring young people in your life by nominating them for Macedon Ranges Shire Council’s annual Youth Awards, which celebrate and recognise the incredible achievements of young people in the shire.

Nominations are now open and can be for any young person, or group of young people, aged 12–25 years who lives, works or attends school in the Macedon Ranges.

Award categories:

Willpower: young people who show real character and perseverance, especially in the face of adversity
Good deeds: young people who give their time and energy to activities that support the wellbeing of another individual, group or community.
Pure imagination: young people pursuing their passion for creativity through the arts.
Nicely played: young people kicking recreational and physical activity goals.
Skilling it: young people excelling in a mentorship program, workplace or business.
Well aware: young people who shine a light on important issues/social causes, and raise awareness in the community.

Submit a nomination online at mrsc.vic.gov.au/youthawards or email youth@mrsc.vic.gov.au.

Nominations close on 11.59pm on Sunday 8 August.

Winners will be announced and celebrated at a special event on Wednesday 15 September at Kyneton Town Hall.

For more information, visit mrsc.vic.gov.au/youthawards or email youth@mrsc.vic.gov.au

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Rehearsals are well under way for the Kyneton Theatre Company’s production of Mamma Mia and I’m now looking for some musicians for the band.  I’m not sure whether you have a music program, but if possible could you please share with your school community?

I’m after a drummer/percussionist (preferably with electric drum kit), a bass guitarist and electric guitarist.

We’ll start band rehearsals mid August at this stage and our performance dates will require band from the end of September through to end October. 

If anyone is interested, please email me: CSchmidt@kangan.edu.au 

Or give me a call: 0418 102 525



METG - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning


Netball Poster Season 2 2021 - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning

Active Kids Sports Poster Term 3 2021 - Kyneton High School - Excellence in Teaching & Learning


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